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My legs look amazing today.
And I’m playing a lot of Erykah and Raphael Saadiq and it’s keeping me sane. 
And reading through our text correspondence is nice, too. Like, really nice. 
Thanks, water cleanse. My jeans fit in a way that they haven’t in a while.
Texting him this morning… trying not to read between the lines TOO much (eh, I’m a Libra).
Grandpa sweater to work because it’s cold and because pockets for hands.
No plans tonight and no work tomorrow.
So, whatchuwannado?


Spent all day cuddle bugging. Will spend all night cuddle bugging. L’scorpion again tonight! Its the only place I can wear a shit ton of costume jewelry and get away with it. 
My bra is showing. sorrynotsorry